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With over 20 years of experience in the field, RnD Consulting, LLC is a systems integration and solution provider for network infrastructure and end-user productivity. Our focus is on strategic planning, stewardship and I.T. management.

We provide ongoing, on-demand support for products and services that enable your business. From infrastructure hardware to system software and perimeter security, our goal is to present the best solutions for your needs that will scale with your business’ growth and provide maximum ROI. We help you to plan for your future needs, leveraging product life cycles and ensuring that your network environment keeps pace with the changing landscape of business tools and business requirements.

We have experience working with municipal government customers and understand the unique challenges those environments face. We deliver support for emergency services: Fire, Police, and EMTs, and we can provide solutions those specific security requirements. We have more than 15 years of experience with the data management products used in municipal government, from emergency reponse reporting, to computer aided dispatch, municipal accounting, tax assesment and collection.

Our team provides solutions for perimeter security, desktop and server security, user access and offsite, encrypted storage. Keeping your environment safe from intrusion or theft is a constant challenge, especially as more of your critical resources become public-facing. Making services more accessible to your customers creates a challenging security problem for your private network. Providing your employees with access to resources on the internet can render their desktop computers and devices vulnerable to malicious software or social engineering attacks. We can help design, implement and maintain a comprehensive security plan that protects your network from portal to endpoint, allowing for flexible access without compromising peace of mind.

RnD Consulting was started in 1991.

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